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    Visualizing the Census of Marine Life
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The Census of Marine Life was a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans.  The world's first comprehensive census of the past, present, and future of life in the oceans was released in October 2010.


Marine Ecoregions of the World (MEOW)

Global marine realms, provinces, and ecoregions

Marine Ecoregions of the World (MEOW) 
The report classifies the vast array of habitats and species in the world’s oceans by dividing coastal waters into 12 realms (such as the Tropical Atlantic Ocean); 62 provinces (places like the Mediterranean Sea); and 232 ecoregions (smaller and more homogeneous units such as the Northern Gulf of Mexico or the Marshall Islands).


 Marine Ecoregions

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